How can ancient wisdom of the Trees & Tree of Life help us?


How can ancient wisdom of the Trees & Tree of Life help us? This article is inspired & provides additional support related to my TEDx talk "A Message from the Trees" that will be published Oct 2019! Any experience within our life can be understood and supported through the Tree of Life framework. Taking time [...]

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Why Meditation Might be a Secret to Your Happiness – Podcast


Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years, and recently, we have been doing more and more research to reveal its benefits! Nathan and Aaron talk about the health benefits of meditation as well as how to get started meditating. And at the end, there's an exclusive meditation focused on motivating you to take on [...]

Why Meditation Might be a Secret to Your Happiness – Podcast2019-09-10T20:39:26+00:00

Connect to Nature, Connect to YourSelf


What if nature was able to talk to you? It always has been talking to us, we just forgot how to listen. Ancient societies around the world knew this truth. All of the natural world is in deep communication all the time in many ways. Sound is just one of many forms of communication; science [...]

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Give Thanks!


Every day give thanks from the core of your heart! Give thanks in gratitude with every cell of your being...that the trees give you breath. That the waters give you life. That there is Earth beneath you to walk and dance upon. Every day give thanks to the miracle that you exist. That the minerals, [...]

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How to use challenging experiences with others to EMPOWER YOURSELF


We all have people that come into our daily life that really challenge us. They may make us feel drained, feel bad, put us down, make us upset and much more. It may be family, a boss, a friend, etc. etc. This is a struggle that we all experience. Often times, it’s hard to make [...]

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Change Your Internal World, Change Your Life: Internal is Primary


If you’ve thought about taking action to redesign your life, it will be helpful for you to know that this journey will ask you to engage with the external world in interesting and challenging ways. You will face and overcome adversity and find inspiration in people, places, opportunities, situations, and even challenges. Your path will [...]

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Distractions and Intuition – Creating Your Life


Distractions are everywhere! This is where holding your vision consistently in focus can help set the foundation you need for success. Once you have your vision in focus, you may begin taking steps towards bringing it to life.  Understand that it’ll be easy to be distracted by all sorts of things! People, other activities, social [...]

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Building the Foundation


After you’ve created a vision (see Vision post here) and you are ready to hold your focus on it, you must begin building the foundation to bring this vision into reality. This process can be overwhelming, so it is helpful to break it down into sections with lots of notetaking along the way. An organized [...]

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Access Your Vision


Vision. Goals. Purpose. - The Path of the Entrepnuer First, you have to build your vision.  What and how would your life look? How would you be and feel if you created this for yourself? What would you do? Possibly the most important, why would you do it? Taking this path has it’s own unique [...]

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Grounding Spiritual Inspiration


Creativity: The unending process that moves the universe into infinite possibilities. As a creative being, incarnated to create and uphold a meaningful presence on Earth, you serve as a bridge between dimensions of spirit and the physical world. In this role, you have the opportunity to ground and manifest energies in the form of ideas, inspirations, [...]

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