The Magic Mead Ceremony 

During this ceremonial gathering, Aaron will blend together ancient and modern mystical traditions to bring an activating experience to participants.  Each participant is offered some mead to bless and drink. Various blessings, invocations, & prayers are spoken into the circle to call forth wisdom, healing, and insights for all those gathered. We invoke the sacred power of the mead as a symbolic representation as liquid light of consciousness being taken in as a sacrament of sweetness and joy of life. It acts as a sacred key to awaken the dormant and ancient mysteries within us ~ the ancient parts of us that remember the sacred drink of Divine Light.

Participants are then invited to go into a meditative position (sitting or laying). They are guided on an inner Spirit Journey to work with the magic of the mead. The combination of the prayers, energetic field held by the ceremony guides, and the mead assist each individual to clear and reclaim more of their eternal light.

Afterward, dancing and movement are encouraged for embodiment and biological incorporation of the experience received during the ceremony.


Ancient Mead Texts

“I have tasted the sweet drink of life, knowing that it inspires good thoughts and joyous expansiveness to the extreme, that all the gods and mortals seek it together, calling it honey.When you penetrate inside, you will know no limits(…)We have drunk the Soma; we have become immortal; we have gone to the light; we have found the gods.(…)The glorious drops that I have drunk set me free in wide space.(…)Weaknesses and diseases have gone; the forces of darkness have fled in terror. Soma has climbed up in us, expanding. We have come to the place where they stretch out our life-spans.The drop that we have drunk has entered our hearts, an immortal inside mortals”

Rig Veda (8.48)

In Norse mythology, the Poetic Mead or Mead of Poetry (Old Norse skáldskapar mjaðar), also known as Mead of Suttungr (Suttungmjaðar), is a mythical beverage that whoever “drinks becomes a skald or scholar” (with the ability) to recite any information and solve any question.


“…. the offering of precious mead usually takes a central part in the Edda initiation stories. The mead itself appears to be a source of inspiration, magical power and knowledge/wisdom to the poet, the sage and the king. It is always served by a female entity after trials in the realm of death, leading to transformation and resurrection.”


“The years have passed like swift draughts of sweet mead in lofty halls beyond the West”

The Lord of the Rings

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What is Mead?

Mead is an ancient drink made from fermented honey. It has some similarities to wine, yet it is its own category of drink. Whereas most alcoholic drinks are made from one specific plant, mead is made from honey, which is the essence of flower nectars that have been alchemized by the bees. It carries a different frequency or energy in it, thus a slightly different experience when drinking. There are many variations, including mixing in other natural flavors and spices, that range from sweet to dry, light to rich.

What does Mead do?

Mead seems to have the following effects:

  1. Calming the mind and body.
  2. Begins to clear energetic dross or denser energies from the body.
  3. Begins to open the heart channels, opening more joy, happiness, and connection.
  4. Accentuates the pleasure centers in the center, acting as an aphrodisiac.
  5. Carries the medicinal and mystical properties of honey and bee magic.
  6. Stimulates inner visionary capacities, engaging multi-dimensional awareness.
  7. Re-Connecting us with the love and power of the Goddess & Gaia (Earth).
  8. Enhances the experience of other ceremonial sacraments.
  9. Opens Bee Magic.


There are records of mead going back at least 9000 years! It is found in ancient spiritual texts and mythologies including Asia, India, Egypt, Europe, Australian Aborigines, and even a form of it was drunk by the Mayans. While often drank for celebrations, holidays, etc. it was held sacred and spiritual purposes in many cultures. It was often associated with royalty, immortality, resurrection, supernatural intelligence, magical powers, aphrodisiac, spiritual visions, and much more. It also was often used as forms of medicine as it maintains all the benefits of honey and can be infused with other herbs and spices. There are many ancient rites of passage, initiations, and traditions where mead was given to an individual stepping into a position of power (such as Kingship). Bees and their honey are sacred in many cultures around the world as messengers from the Gods/Goddesses. They are carriers of Divine codes.

“Aaron creates a unique, memorable and lasting experience for all that he works with! His passion, education, experience, time, energy, intention and attention to detail all lead to his exceptional guidance. I left his ceremony with the most inspiring visions of my future life, career and relationship.” – Lance Berger

“I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of Aaron’s mead ceremony. It gave me a deeper connection to this ancient elixir and I can’t think of a better way to enjoy it.” –Will Marsh

“Such a wonderful and peaceful experience <3” – Maria Cotter

“Incredible journey! Honored to join, and thank you for securing the ancients tradition!!! YES!” – Avaah East

Mead Ceremony Inquiry

Aaron is available to travel or bring your group up to the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains (Just North East of Los Angeles). Aaron is connected with several amazing meaderies (…Mead Brewers). Depending on location, arrangements can be made for procurement of exquisite mead.