Aaron Michael Pyne

∴ Energy Healer ∴ Spiritual Mentor ∴ Business Intuitive ∴
∴ Speaker ∴ Artist ∴ Brand & Web Designer ∴ Nature Lover ∴

Aaron Michael Pyne began his spiritual journey of awakening at the age of seventeen. He has been blessed with several multi-dimensional experiences that massively expanded his heart and mind. These experiences showed him the deeper truths about the true nature of reality and gifted him with a wider vision of humanity’s potential. Since his initiation into the world of spirituality, he has studied independently and with many master teachers, refining his unique gifts and resources and broadening his ability to commune with higher realms of consciousness.

Aaron is well-versed in mystical, spiritual, and holistic healing modalities. He combines these to assist his clients to focus their intention, tap into their inner power, and awaken to their own soul brilliance. Aaron is a healer, mentor, and wayshower for our modern times, helping others to live more conscious, creative, and connected lives.

Aaron has also helped many consciously-minded businesses to bring their spiritual missions to the world via his visionary design. This includes branding, digital marketing, and consulting services, as well as mastery of web technologies. He uses his unique talents and insight to contribute to global transformation, helping others to imagine, define, and ground their metaphysical quests in the mundane world of business and technology. Insight, imagination, and inspiration are the hallmarks of Aaron’s business model and he can help you catalyze these for your own business. He will help to bring clarity, purpose, and meaning to your own business strategies. If you want to be a change-maker in the world, engaging Aaron Michael Pyne’s business service is a great place to start!

Aaron Michael Pyne – Credentials

Spiritual Awareness, New Thought and Mindfulness, Training and Experience:

  • Aaron has over 16 years of training in mind-body-spirit consciousness. He has studied with many masters in the fields of spirituality, human energy systems, multi-dimensional access, clairvoyance development, shamanic practices and other mystical systems and modalities.
  • Aaron holds certifications in Psychic Development, Reiki (Master Level), Adamantine Healing Systems, Reflexology, DNA Activation, Theta Healing and Crystalology. Aaron is an ordained minister of the non-denominational Order of Melchizedek.

  • Aaron is the Founder of iTemple in Bend, Oregon and iTemple in San Diego, California. These include community spaces for monthly meditations, healing circles, free-form dance, co-working/network gatherings, entrepreneurial development classes, music circles and other consciousness-raising events.
  • Aaron is a frequent speaker and presenter on consciousness, spirituality and meditation at expos and gatherings across the U.S. (List upon request.)
  • Aaron’s visionary mystical art has been featured in magazines and other publications across the country.

Business and Design:

  • Aaron holds a Network Engineer Degree from Cincinnati State Tech School.

  • Aaron has over 16 years working in the fields of web design, graphic design and technology.
  • Aaron is well-versed in working with small, medium-sized and large companies (from 1 – 400 employees).

  • Aaron’s amazing artwork has been published in over 20 magazines across the country.

  • Aaron is also a musician with skills in guitar, harp, mouth harp, and Native American flutes.


“Working with Aaron was a healing and informative experience. I tend to consider myself an intuitive person but Aaron provided me with information that I had not considered and was a missing link to my current personal work. Although that type of input can be jarring, I was left with complete serenity and focus. Thank you, Aaron for the gentle yet profound adjustment.”
– Jill H
“Aaron,First of all I just wanted to say thank you for being you. Aaron worked on me for about 15 minutes at a gathering. I was a little skeptical (as I always am) but open as well to the experience. When we were done, Aaron shared with me a deep reading that he got from my energy and it was so heartfelt and on point. The pain in my shoulder subsided (it was so bad at first that it hurt to move it around). The next day I realized the pain was completely gone. I know its thanks to the powerful healing work Aaron did and his intention he set forth for me.I need an hour session! Thanks again Aaron.”
– Kai Leighya Andrews
“Thank you Aaron Pyne for such an fantastic healing session today. I feel so energetically ready for my interview & he held such a beautiful space for me processing what I needed to process. Thank you for all your love & support. Contact him if you need any healing done in the San Diego area : )”
– Ashley Ryan
“Thank you for helping me reconnect with who I AM again!”
– S.M.
“Your healing powers are profound… I’ve been pain free from sciatica since I left your place… that next morning I woke up clear after 3 weeks of continuous pain! gratitude thank you thank you!”
– Gina F.
(After a car wreck with major pain in knee for a month, client had a short session with Aaron) “So grateful. My knee is feeling a ton better. Thank you!!”
– J.N.