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“Aaron, last night was magical and glorious. Thank you for sharing your special gifts and helping to bring forth mine. Much love to you! (My) Deeply rooted wounds began to heal in me as a result of my healing meditation session with Aaron. I experienced surprising physical releases as well as significant shifts in my lifelong habit of flawed thinking. I moved away from feeling victimized and misunderstood (a product of childhood trauma) and found myself with a profound sense of well-being. This is no small feat considering I have chronic Lyme disease and chronic Epstein Barr Virus. Since my session with Aaron, I have the feeling of being loved, of being held, of being protected and the sense of God’s unshakeable, immovable, purpose for my life. Don’t deny yourself this life altering opportunity. Experience his gift for yourself.” 

– Shelley A

“it was nice receiving healing from your hands!  My body is not in pain anymore and I have been in pain since 2012 and I don’t have a limp anymore. I do plan on continued sessions soon. Thank you very much.”

– Christina Johnson

“So grateful. My knee is feeling a ton better. Thank you!!”

(After a car wreck with major pain in knee  for a month, client had a short session with Aaron)

– J.N.

“Thank you for helping me reconnect with who I AM again!”


– S.M.

“I decided to have an energy treatment by Aaron to help me get out of a little funk I was in with my life goals and direction. I was particularly nervous and anxious about passing an exam I had to take to receive a certification. After just one energy session with Aaron, I immediately became more focused, grounded and filled with energy I hadn’t had before. With each session, I became more confident and energized that I would be able to pass my exam. And, I not only passed it, but I nailed it!……

Soon after, Bruce, my little eight pound Malti-Poo injured his back which had resulted in a seizure and was in excruciating pain. The ER visit and the post-treatment pain medications from the vet did not seem to be helping that much. In desperation, I had a thought that if Aaron could help me, perhaps, he could help my little guy as well. Aaron was kind enough to come over that evening and treat Bruce who was still in a lot of back pain. Bruce’s back was noticeably inflamed, swollen and he had limited mobility. Within five minutes of Aaron doing energy work on him, Bruce fell into a deep relaxed sleep. After the treatment was completed, Aaron had me feel his back and the inflammation was about 90% gone. It was truly amazing to witness the healing effects that occurred that night. The next day when I opened Bruce’s crate, instead of him gingerly walking out, as he has been doing since the injury, he bolted out and ran through the house and started throwing his toy up in the air. Even the vet remarked on Bruce’s recovery at his follow-up visit.

I am forever grateful for the healing work Aaron did. And, I highly recommend Aaron’s energy sessions for healing, grounding, centering, focus and whatever emotional, physical or energetic healing you and your love ones may need.”


– Stacey N.

“Thank you for gifting the world with your divine connection! You are certainly plugged in, as your amazing visions are so filled with love, beauty, and magic. May you continue to help transform the world with your soulful talents. I am in awe of your work.”

– Priestess Sahara

“Your healing powers are profound…I’ve been pain-free from sciatica since I left your place… that next morning I woke up clear after three weeks of continuous pain! Gratitude, thank you, thank you!”

- Gina F.

“Thank you, Aaron Pyne, for such a fantastic healing session today. I feel so energetically ready for my interview. Aaron held such a beautiful space for me, processing what I needed to process. Thank you for all your love and support. Contact Aaron if you need any healing done in the San Diego area. :)”

- Ashley Ryan

“Working with Aaron was a healing and informative experience. I consider myself an intuitive person but Aaron provided me with information I had not considered and was a missing link to my current personal work. Although that type of input can be jarring, I was left with complete serenity and focus. Thank you, Aaron for the gentle yet profound adjustment.”

– Jill H.

“Aaron Pyne has such a powerful and peaceful presence. When I was going through some challenging times, his presence and energy work helped to calm my body and nervous system on a deep level. I am grateful for the work he does in the world and how is able to hold space for others. Thank you so much Aaron!”

– Danielle Blum Founder at World Nativ

“Aaron, first of all I just wanted to say thank you for being you. Aaron worked on me for about fifteen minutes at a gathering. I was a little skeptical (as I always am) but open as well to the experience. When we were done, Aaron shared with me a deep reading that he got from my energy and it was heartfelt and on point. The pain in my shoulder subsided (it was so bad at first that it hurt to move it around). The next day I realized the pain was completely gone. I know it’s thanks to the powerful healing work Aaron did and the intention he set for me. I need an hour session! Thanks again Aaron.”

- Kai Leighya Andrews

“What a perfectly timed and deeply needed healing meditation. With so much happening in our world and in my own personal experience, it’s easy to skip over something so essential as quiet prayer and meditation. It was such a blessing to be guided into a deep state of gratitude, nourishment, and connection to the Earth, to Spirit, and to myself. Thank you Aaron Pyne for being such a clear channel, for your gentle but deep and powerful wisdom, and for caring so much for all of us. It’s evident in how you speak and in your beautiful energy. All love, always, and in all ways. <3 Deep Bow.”

– Krista Richards

“Aaron is the kindest most gentle wizard and a clear channel to the unseen spiritual worlds. My partner and I had the fortunate blessing to experience a healing where Aaron activated our light bodies and connected us with our angelic guides. His use of light language is amazing and his overall presence is peaceful and grounded. He is truly a perfect balance of strong and stable and gentle and open. He is gifted in so many ways and very intuitive all while having a big heart and lightness to him. I’m so grateful to have experienced his MAGIC!”

– Tanya Raven

Omg… the best sleep I had in a long time… like a new person… thank you so much… incredible talent! ♥ (After online Healing Webinar)

– Rebecca de Graaf
“My sweet, caring, peaceful, loving but powerful brother in spirit Aaron Michael Pyne a true worker of Light, with the Light, for the Light and full of Light’s gifts.
….Thank you brother in spirit Aaron, your name fits your Priest of Light position in this lifetime. I tasted your powers and healing abilities. Time for others brothers and sisters in spirit to experience you as well.”
- Brindsa Ses

“Aaron creates a unique, memorable and lasting experience for all that he works with! His passion, education, experience, time, energy, intention and attention to detail all lead to his exceptional guidance. I left his ceremony with the most inspiring visions of my future life, career and relationship.”

– Lance Berger
“The last transmission that Aaron hosted on Feb 16 was a system upgrade for me. I was in a different dimension during the meditation and energetically felt so clear after. The next morning, I downloaded a blueprint to a project within 10 minutes, something that would take business developers months to create.”
- Mya Nguyen

“Aaron combines his extensive knowledge and training in healing arts with extraordinary intuition. The result is a potent experience. I felt so much energy move with Aaron working on me.”

– Will Marsh

I have know Aaron a lot of years. I had the experience of him working on my energy. I have years of experience providing healing touch. I was blown away by the session. Aaron is the real deal. I will have him work on me again!

- Lisa Lander
“I have chronic fatigue, nerve pain, and a few mental health issues
But when I lie down on my bed with headphones and listen to your videos and audio, I visualize …. I let my subconscious listen- and I feel warmth and waves of unconditional love.

It lasts about a day or so (I have a high stress environment). It helps with medication withdrawal, connection with those around me and above (whatever that light positive light power is).

It’s just helped me immensely and if I could afford I would do a healing sessions one on one with you

It helps with emotional release from trauma – in a healthy and positive way, and I feel like I can breathe again with less effects from my health….

I also sleep like an angel!!! It’s unbelievable

It honestly started my healing journey seeing a live healing video on Facebook.

It helped me more than any therapy in the last few years. I felt connected to the universe again.”

– Georgina Smith
Aaron Michael Pyne has extremely unique and powerful gifts to heal your body, spirit and mind. As a skeptic who relies on science for answers, I was completely blown away by the deep energy work that was provided. I now have more restful sleeps, more vibrancy throughout my day, and more power and confidence at work and in my relationships. Highly recommend if you’re lucky enough to get the opportunity.
- Dave Muntner
I have done two healings with Aaron. What a special gift he has! I felt rejuvenated and joyous after! His healing technique and gift of the light language is so amazing! I highly recommend Aaron’s healings to everyone. I can’t wait for my next one!
Truly a gift from the universe!
- Kimberly Oliver

I want to thank Aaron Michael Pyne for being a huge support for me over the last year or so! Thank you for showing up as a wise advisor in some important life decisions and helping me to see some blind spots. I have experienced a handful of energy work sessions (which included light language during). These sessions assisted me in clearing heaviness and bringing me back to a more aligned version of me. His advice after was deeply supportive in what I had been experiencing at those times to help make choices that were best for my heart and soul

Thank you for reminding me of who I am, what serves my higher self and for showing up as such a warm, loving and trustworthy presence in those times and all the times I have been around you! You are such a gift and your work is truly magic If you are having a challenging time or questioning next steps in life Aaron is the man to hold a sacred space for you to find clarity and get back into alignment!

- Angela Povse
Aaron is truly gifted. His powerful energy attunements combined with his HUGE heart makes him a phenomenal practitioner of energy healing. Aaron exudes so much Love and genuine desire to assist and support other humans which compliment his multidimensional vision and the ability to literally see through you…

I Love receiving Aaron’s loving attunements and touch. I always feel amazing after my sessions with him – grounded, peaceful, relaxed, and filled with Love; for myself and Life.

If you’re skeptical about energy work, I recommend you schedule an intro call with him so you can sense for yourSelf what a beautiful gift Aaron is. He can really assist your evolution and overall wellbeing by clearing any hidden blocks from your Life and connect you directly to the power within YOU!

Thank you Aaron!

- Noa Gaia Lakshmi