After you’ve created a vision (see Vision post here) and you are ready to hold your focus on it, you must begin building the foundation to bring this vision into reality. This process can be overwhelming, so it is helpful to break it down into sections with lots of notetaking along the way. An organized outline of your vision will make it easier to refine as you see what will be beneficial, a waste, or changeable. Remember to keep flexibility in mind, as all these things will change and expand over time. Depending on your current financial state you may only be able to go so far at first, but as your journey grows, your opportunities will expand.

Your outline should include notes on:

  • Education: What do you need to educate yourself on? What skills do you need to further develop? Ultimately it’s super important to continue to educate yourself all the time. Depending on where you are starting at in your vision you may need to begin with more education if you want to go into something completely new. Seek out mentors, models (people successful in that particular area), teachers, online courses, etc.  Learn from other’s journeys and see what mistakes and challenges they had on the way.
  • Gear: What gear do you require? It might just be a few things to start with and can always expand. What technology/systems will help you be effective and efficient in what you need to do? Be mindful of what you are getting and making sure it adds more value and assistance to your goal than taking away. I love gear so I have to be mindful to make sure it’ll be of value!
  • Systems/software etc: What systems or software do you need in place? It might just be a few things to start with and can always expand. This may require research (again looking at what others might be using could be very beneficial).  There are so many things available today to help automate and streamline tasks and activities that can help really improve our capacity and efficiency.
  • Workspace: What kind of space do you need to work in? Having a space to work in that works for you is important. This varies for everyone, but having somewhere dedicated is great. I personally like the change of places. I like having an office area that is quiet for some work. Sometimes I like going to cafés and the like because the background noise helps me focus. I generally like to switch it up often. Some people need calm quiet focus. Make sure you’re in a place with a setup (furniture, etc.) that helps you be inspired, comfortable, and able to be focused.