Vision. Goals. Purpose. – The Path of the Entrepnuer

First, you have to build your vision.

 What and how would your life look? How would you be and feel if you created this for yourself? What would you do? Possibly the most important, why would you do it?

Taking this path has it’s own unique challenges, so you need a strong reason that will continue to motivate and push you through the difficult moments.

Becoming an entrepreneur takes it’s own set of disciplines and courage.

Take some time (maybe over multiple days) to journal:

  • What would I like my life to be like if I could make it any way?
  • What would I be doing?
  • What are my interests and current skills? How can I develop them to make them useful to others?
  • How can my skills & talents be applied in a way to bring value and support to others?
  • Why would I want to change my life? Why would I make this happen?

Continue to refine and expand on these answers and make sure to get as detailed as possible. It might take some time, and will most likely evolve, every bit of information you can get written out will help you later on. Take what you create and make it your altar. Make it a daily ritual to read and be empowered by it. Keeping your vision at the forefront of your mind each day will help you to discover the untapped motivation you need to make these dreams come true.