Distractions are everywhere! This is where holding your vision consistently in focus can help set the foundation you need for success. Once you have your vision in focus, you may begin taking steps towards bringing it to life.  Understand that it’ll be easy to be distracted by all sorts of things! People, other activities, social media, entertainment, to-dos, etc. etc. You must always compare things that arise to your vision: ask yourself, “Does this support and add to my vision or is it taking away from it?”

There are always going to be some unexpected things you’ll need to do and you’ll certainly need breaks from time to time to recharge yourself. The best advice I can give here is to be mindful and considerate of all of those distractions that arise and really ask yourself if it’s worth directing your energy and time towards. Remember to stay in alignment with your vision.

The tricky part here is to recognize the potential for opportunities disguised as distractions that will inevitably arise outside of your regularly scheduled activities (such as a chance meeting, tip of information, etc.).  This is where developing and listening to your gut feelings or intuition comes into play. It’s a skill that has to be refined over time. Practicing meditation can help open your intuitive channels. Check out my YouTube for guided meditations or reach out for private sessions to access your intuition to a greater degree.

Be mindful when you come across obstacles. Your body has the capacity to sense a lot more than the mind, so take those opportunities of resistance to feel the experience, and observe your reaction. Sit quietly, breathe. How does it feel? How does your body respond to it? Heavy, disgusted, nervous, sad or contracted? Or perhaps happy, excited, joyous, and expanded? Use this as your start. Continue to practice and you’ll get sharper and sharper with it. Let this be your guide forward.