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Video Download | 2 Parts |

Part 1 – Lecture/Theory
Part 2 – Guided Meditation

Spiritual teacher Aaron Pyne will guide you through a powerful lecture and meditation to calm the mind to escape limiting mental patterns and assist you to dive into the power of the heart. The heart’s electromagnetic field is 100’s of times greater than the field of the brain.  We will discuss and practice accessing deeper levels of our heart to more deeply connect with the creativity, power, and potential that is within us.

The first video will explain the principles of this practice, how it works, and why it works. The second video guides you through a step by step process to actually begin moving you’re conscious to the heart instead of being centered in the patterns of the mind. From this place the mind can be used as needed, but it does not control your life.

This practice is very unique and unlike most spiritual practices available.

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“Thank you again for having this amazing meditation. I’ll absolutely be back for more practice.”

“Thank you so much Aaron, this was an amazing experience for me. Not my first meditation, but I did have a first experience with you this evening. The energy is amazing. I feel wonderful, and will continue to pay attention to the heart center.”

“I’ve done a lot of meditation practices over the year, but have never experienced anything like that.”