Project Description

Here we are on the precipice of power. All time and breadth of the Earth story folding and unfolding unto itself as we individually and collectively play the roles of our souls. Choosing to create and destroy the programs and patterns that are replicated through and through. Through and through our beings, through and through our species, through and through the DNA. Upon the brink of despair we can no longer fumble and falter. The time for little games is at an end. I call upon all that is extraordinary within you to come be in this wild place known as Earth. Bring forth the Gods & Goddesses, the exalted and the regal, the Kings and the Queens, the warriors and the healers, the architects and the stewards, the oracles and the visionaries, the wizards and the sorcerers, the connecters and the builders. Whoever you are, whatever you are, it is your time to engage, to activate, and empower those around you. We are all part of this grand story and we are each a hero and heroine. Feel the heart of your being and behold it’s glory. In this opening all will feel it and it shall ripple out upon the world. The problems of the world will not be changed at the level that they were created. We must reach deeper into ourselves than ever before to give birth to a new world. I see what’s inside of you, do you?