Project Description

Within the core essence of who we are resides the infinite eternal Cosmic Christ Buddha. This is our true nature. Once we surrender ourselves of earthly desires and allow ourselves to flow in the eternal love stream of Spirit we begin to access to codes, patterns, and understandings of our Cosmic Christ Buddha. This is within each of us, waiting for us to reconnect with it. Upon actualization of this state, we move out of duality and suffering. We see all experiences as merely an experience, and flow through them with bliss and joy. We offer gratitude for every moment. We see the higher truth in all experiences. We connect with each other at levels deeper than previously imagined. We see the divine within everyone, friend and so called “enemy.” We transmute our experiences into those of love and compassion. All of this and more is available to you. In fact, this is your ultimate destiny. Are you ready to surrender and become? If yes, then may this artwork act as a guide to assist you.