Project Description

A new paradigm of birthing is transforming the birthing process for women around the world, allowing women the opportunity to connect with their divine nature and inner goddess as the divine feminine energies re-emerge on Earth. A shift from painful and stressful birth to ecstatic, blissful, natural births is happening, allowing mothers and children to experience the divine during the birthing process. By focusing on the breath and the divinity of the moment, women have been able to relax and transform what would normally be birth pains into states of ecstatic union with the divine. Using the birthing process as a sacred ceremony of their divine feminine nature, women can allow this experience to be traumatic-free for the new child, which then allows the children to more easily access their divine gifts and have a peaceful transition into their new incarnation. When women have taken their birth out of the hospital setting, and returned it to a sacred & intimate setting they have been able to go deep within and access their intuitive female energies and allow the birth to be the magical and spiritual experience that it naturally is. It has also been discovered that dolphins and dolphin spirit guides play an integral role in the birthing process on Earth, assisting in the birthing process of humans. During birth, dolphins open up divine energy pathways for the mother and child, lending their assistance in this amazing moment. Inviting them in physically or on a spirit level can have many positive effects on the birthing experience. This is one of many shifts happening in our present day to allow humanity to shift from fear and suffering to a more harmonious and divine state of life.