Project Description

Now is the moment of activating, of accepting your personal mastery. Within you is a divine master of infinite potential. It is time to let go of your fears, your doubts, your insecurities, and worries. Let them flow away like ice melting into a river. Approach each day and each challenge as a new opportunity to release these fears and step into your spiritual mastery. Each and every situation gifts you the opportunity to shift your inner matrix and allow a clearer channel to your divine self. It is within you at any moment to shift the subtle fields of yourself and open up to love, acceptance, and joy towards yourself and others. Become a master of the divine within and you will integrate with a higher power of love and joy that is beyond you. Allow this to flow through you, raising the vibration of yourself and the reality around you. Breath. Center yourself in your essence and allow it to flow into your world through selfless joyful service as we each embody our divine gift to transform the world. You can do this, for you have come to Earth for no lesser reason.