AMP Cone

Mead Ceremony & Inner Journey Retreat

Coromandel Forest Sept 18-20

A journey into your ancient soul.

Unlock lost dimensions of your spirit, purpose, essence, and return to wholeness.

Take a deep soul journey in the forest with healer, wizard, and medicine man Aaron Michael Pyne. During this weekend retreat, Aaron will guide you on a mythic journey to transform your life and unlock your Soul Avatar, the deep power, presence and magic of your spirit. The retreat will begin with a Sacred Mead Ceremony. Mead is an ancient honey wine drink that has been used for thousands of years in sacred ceremonies as a transmission of the energies of joy, pleasure and nature for deep healing. This sacred drink’s ceremonial use was lost to time, until Aaron began restoring its magical use for transformation. Through the weekend, Aaron will guide you on a mystical journey using movement, meditation, magic, drumming, light language and nature.

You will unlock dormant energies of your human biosuit, harness new Mana energy and unify with your Soul Avatar.

Retreat Includes:

  • Sacred Mead Ceremony
  • Inner Journey Meditations
  • Mana Movement & Ancient Dance
  • 2 Hikes to Kauri for Tree of Life Rituals
  • Soul Avatar Activation
  • Teachings & Transmissions

The Retreat Space:

The retreat is held on a beautiful forested property on the side of a mountain across from a river in the Tapu Valley.

Accommodations include Glamping style experience. Group camp kitchen. Outdoor bush bath. Compost toilet.

What to Bring:

  • Snacks
  • Yoga Mat, blanket, and cushion/pillow
  • Warm and rainproof hiking clothes and boots
  • Water bottle
  • Flashlight
  • Clothes for dance & movement
  • Journal
  • Magical items for magic

Only 6 spots  are available for the retreat.
Includes shared galmping lodging & 6 meals.
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Mythic Body & Energy Activation

Private Session with Aaron | Optional Add-on $175.00

In this session your body, emotions, mind, & spirit will go on a deep journey to unravel eons of restriction and unleash your full potential. You’ll leave the session feeling like a whole new being.

Aaron is visiting from the USA, so this is a rare opportunity to experience his gifts in person. Aaron has been on the path of spirit for 18 years. He is a bridge between the mystical dimensions of consciousness and the human experience. Aaron has extensive training and unique abilities to see into the spirit worlds and access inner dimensional energies for profound wisdom, healing, and soul integration. Learn more about him at

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