Please fill out below questions as honestly as possible. All information is completely confidentational. Please keep answers to under 3 sentences. If there is something more complex going on for you, an individual session would be recommended to discuss. These questions help me be aware of what’s transforming inside of you through the process so I can be of optimal support for your journey!


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    What are some of your greatest challenges in life right now in the following areas?

    What areas of your life do you feel strong/successful in?

    What are your hopes and intentions for this class?

    Have you practiced any forms of meditaition, shamanic journeying, or other spiritual work?

    How much time between the weekly classes do you feel you can devote to practices?

    Do you have any partners or anyone in your life that can support you on this journey?

    How familiar are you with Norse Mythology (none is required)?

    Anything else I should know?