Journey to Valhalla & the Splendor of Your Soul

Rise to Your Full Glory for an EPIC Modern Life!

9-Week Online Initiation, Healing, & Spiritual Transformation Course

Journey through the 9 Worlds on the Tree of Life, Yggdrasil

Meditation – Shamanic Journey – Energy Healing – Spiritual Embodiment – Activate Awakening

Wednesday Nights at 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM (PST)

April 24th – June 19th



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“Aaron creates a unique, memorable and lasting experience for all that he works with! His passion, education, experience, time, energy, intention and attention to detail all lead to his exceptional guidance. I left his ceremony with the most inspiring visions of my future life, career and relationship.” – Lance Berger

Are you Ready to:

  • Live a Mythical Journey?
  • Experience a Legendary Life?
  • Become the Dream of your Heart’s Eternal Yearning?

Let the adventure begin…

My ancient friend…it’s time to release the shackles that bind you:

the chains of fear, doubt, confusion, uncertainty, despair, and hopelessness that have kept you small, limited, and trapped.

These chains affect you and everyone around you. These monsters are not the truth of who you are….


  • Are you ready for the adventure of many lifetimes?
  • Are you ready to travel the ancient rainbow bridges through Yggdrasil, the great tree of life?
  • Are you brave enough to pass through the worlds of death, fire, & ice and return to the realms of Truth, Power, Life, and

Heaven itself?

You are ready to reclaim all of your power and potential!

You are ready to heal & let go of the wounds and pains of the past

You are ready to transform your LIFE INTO ETERNAL HEAVEN?

Join your guide, Aaron Michael Pyne (The Wizard, aka ODIN),
on an ancient journey to restore the magic of your soul into your life!
Using the ancient rich Norse mythology & map of life
to activate your full potential.

In this course you will:

  • Learn to access your multi-dimensional gifts and bring them into your human life for more clarity, joy, passion, and purpose.

  • Receive the Sacred Mead from the Goddess, restoring your true vitality, well-being, and creative potential to draw abundance and prosperity into your life.

  • Create deep bonds with your fellow adventurers (Students) as you traverse the realms together. Your Fellowship of the Rings.

  • Clear unconscious traumas, fears, doubts, anxieties, and other restrictive programs from your unconscious, unlocking your real Soul Magic.

  • Acquire the treasures of your soul and learn how to implement them into your daily life.

  • Learn methods to integrate and embody spirituality, magic, and ritual into your daily modern life.

  • Connect with your power animals, power objects, and power symbols!

  • Begin to Connect with Your Spirit Guides.

  • Receive 9 of the ancient Spell Songs of Odin for activation, healing, and soul remembrance.

  • Including an introduction to the ancient Runes and other Power Symbols.

  • Learn ways to ground & stabilize your energy for enchances presence. focus, and relaxation in all areas of life.

Get ready to

  • Clear physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dis-ease, trauma, fear, & pain.

  • Learn how to bring more presence, power, your gifts, and your passions into the world.

  • Become a beacon of light, love, and truth in the world to uplevel all those around you.

  • Find your confidence, clarity, and decisiveness in WHO YOU TRULY ARE!

  • Activate your SUPERPOWERS & become the true Creator you were designed to be!

  • Shift your energy to reconnect to your purpose and create a life of your dreams.

  • Connect with your Soul Family.

  • Bring balance, joy, pleasure, and magic to your health, wealth, relationships, and all experiences of life!

  • Release the shackles that have kept you enslaved and become sovereign in your own power!

Course Format

  • A two-hour online LIVE class each week for nine (9) weeks.

  • Weekly practices to embody and integrate into your life.

  • 1 One-on-One Private Intuitive/Healing/Activation Session with Aaron

  • Access to the course’s Private Facebook Group for group discussion and updates from Aaron.

  • Resource Library for additional support (videos, recommended readings, videos, etc.).

  • Access to class recordings for your own practice.

  • Discounts on future offerings!

  • Custom Tree of Life Artwork Gift.

  • Bonus Surprises!

Exclusive Offer for Registered Participants Only:

One-on-One Private Support Sessions with Aaron

For additional guidance, healing, and clarity as you
unravel the binds that have restricted you for so long!

$155 per session
(Normally $222)

One is included with the class.
It is highly recommended to sign up for at least two or three
additional during the course for extra support.
You deserve it!

The Experience

  • Weave your own unique story of myth, meditation, healing, music and personal growth.

  • Each class will include discussions and you’ll be guided through meditative shamanic journeys through each of the 9 worlds on the ancient Norse Tree of Life. Each of these worlds represents aspects of our entire nature and the nature of reality itself.

  • Aaron will be bringing his multi-dimensional healing gifts to help remove quantum expanses of trauma, fear, and restriction in your system, opening you to your original Divine Nature. You’ll have direct access to Aaron’s vast spiritual background and healing gifts.

  • You’ll have the opportunity to practice meditations and journey work in between classes.

  • You’ll have access to a private Facebook group to interact with other participants.

  • You’ll travel through the ancient, rich, and powerful mythologies of Norse Legend to reactivate your own EPIC Soul Story!

  • Activate ancient codes of spiritual truth in your being for wholeness in all aspects of life.

  • You’ll gain a deep understanding of energy, spirituality, ritual, and the awakening of your consciousness.

  • You will learn how to bring this ancient magic into your daily life. Transforming the mundane world into the life of your dreams!


The Ancient Tree of Life : Map of Consciousness

The nine worlds in Norse mythology are held in the branches and roots of the world tree Yggdrasil. These realms are the home of different kinds of beings, like the home of the Gods and Goddesses, giants, and archetypal aspects of consciousness and life. The 9 realms we will be traveling through in our journey are:

  • Asgard is the home of the Gods & Goddesses. It is the celestial or heavenly realm reached via the rainbow bridge “Bifrost”. Here we will draw forth the heaven of our soul into our life!

  • Alfheim is right near Asgard in the heavenly realms. It is the home to the Light Elves, or what we might consider Angelic beings. Those who reach here can seek counsel, support, and guidance on our journeys.
  • Muspelheim is the land of fire and lava. It is the realm of creation and destruction and those forces within us. Here we will purify ourselves and activate our primal power.
  • Vanaheim is the home to the ancient Gods of sorcery and magic. It is the realm of the secret and unmanifest. This is where we tap into our creative inspiration and new potential.
  • Midgard is the land of humans or our 3 Dimensional reality. Here we integrate and embody all the realms!
  • Jotunheim is the land of giants, with dense forest, mountains and snow regions. It is here that we face the giant challenges of our life.
  • Svartalfheim is the home the dwarves. It is the realm of minerals, rocks, and caves. It can show us what parts of our consciousness are still undeveloped and need support to draw in our full potential.
  • Niflheimor “Mist Home” is the coldest and darkest region. It is restriction, illusion, maya, and lifelessness. Here we will free ourselves.
  • Helheim is the underworld or realm of the dishonorable dead. Here is the most challenging realm were we face our deepest fears and our unconscious restrictions.


“Aaron, last night was magical and glorious. Thank you for sharing your special gifts and helping to bring forth mine. Much love to you! (My) Deeply rooted wounds began to heal in me as a result of my healing meditation session with Aaron. I experienced surprising physical releases as well as significant shifts in my lifelong habit of flawed thinking. I moved away from feeling victimized and misunderstood (a product of childhood trauma) and found myself with a profound sense of well-being. This is no small feat considering I have chronic Lyme disease and chronic Epstein Barr Virus. Since my session with Aaron, I have the feeling of being loved, of being held, of being protected and the sense of God’s unshakeable, immovable, purpose for my life. Don’t deny yourself this life altering opportunity. Experience his gift for yourself.

Shelley A

“Your healing powers are profound…I’ve been pain-free from sciatica since I left your place… that next morning I woke up clear after three weeks of continuous pain! Gratitude, thank you, thank you!”

Gina F.

“Thank you for gifting the world with your divine connection! You are certainly plugged in, as your amazing visions are so filled with love, beauty, and magic. May you continue to help transform the world with your soulful talents. I am in awe of your work.”

Priestess Sahara

“Thank you, Aaron Pyne, for such a fantastic healing session today. I feel so energetically ready for my interview. Aaron held such a beautiful space for me, processing what I needed to process. Thank you for all your love and support. Contact Aaron if you need any healing done in the San Diego area. :)”

Ashley Ryan

“Working with Aaron was a healing and informative experience. I consider myself an intuitive person but Aaron provided me with information I had not considered and was a missing link to my current personal work. Although that type of input can be jarring, I was left with complete serenity and focus. Thank you, Aaron for the gentle yet profound adjustment.”

Jill H.

“Aaron Pyne has such a powerful and peaceful presence. When I was going through some challenging times, his presence and energy work helped to calm my body and nervous system on a deep level. I am grateful for the work he does in the world and how is able to hold space for others. Thank you so much Aaron!”

Danielle Blum Founder at World Nativ

“Aaron, first of all I just wanted to say thank you for being you. Aaron worked on me for about fifteen minutes at a gathering. I was a little skeptical (as I always am) but open as well to the experience. When we were done, Aaron shared with me a deep reading that he got from my energy and it was heartfelt and on point. The pain in my shoulder subsided (it was so bad at first that it hurt to move it around). The next day I realized the pain was completely gone. I know it’s thanks to the powerful healing work Aaron did and the intention he set for me. I need an hour session! Thanks again Aaron.”

Kai Leighya Andrews

My sweet, caring, peaceful, loving but powerful brother in spirit Aaron Michael Pyne a true worker of Light, with the Light, for the Light and full of Light’s gifts.
….Thank you brother in spirit Aaron, your name fits your Priest of Light position in this lifetime. I tasted your powers and healing abilities. Time for others brothers and sisters in spirit to experience you as well.

Brindsa Ses

“Aaron is the kindest most gentle wizard and a clear channel to the unseen spiritual worlds. My partner and I had the fortunate blessing to experience a healing where Aaron activated our light bodies and connected us with our angelic guides. His use of light language is amazing and his overall presence is peaceful and grounded. He is truly a perfect balance of strong and stable and gentle and open. He is gifted in so many ways and very intuitive all while having a big heart and lightness to him. I’m so grateful to have experienced his MAGIC!”

Tanya Raven
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Aaron’s Journey with Norse Mythology…

“I’ve been studying and practicing a wide variety of mystical, spiritual, psychic, meditation, and energetic healing modalities for over 17 years (and many other lifetimes…). While there are many cultures and lineages that are rich in their gifts, Norse mythology has been super potent for my personal journey to embody and activate all that I am. It is an ancient tradition that is slowly becoming active again in spirituality. It synchronizes with many other world cultures, yet stands out in its very own unique way. It has inspired the famous Lord of the Rings Trilogy and has given birth to the entire fantasy genre. This genre has been a deep and profound inspiration for me throughout my life and my spiritual practices. I’ve personally come to the realization that this mythology is the best container for me to transmit all the different layers of wisdom, experience, and magic that I’ve cultivated to assist others in their own spiritual expansion. Its stories have literally come alive in my life on my journey, guiding me to Valhalla. Now, as Odin did after his journey on Yggdrasil, I’m bringing this map and wisdom to others!”


It’s time to come Home to YOUR SOUL’S SPLENDOR!

Payment Option Available at Checkout for 4 Payments!

Contact Aaron for other finance options.

By enrolling into this Ancient Myth & Magic online course, you agree to our Standard Terms & Conditions/Disclaimer.