Tree of Life Brotherhood is a personal and global transformational group focused on empowering men through ancient teachings, wisdom, ceremony, meditation, and group support. We know empowered men connected to their roots and accessing the light of their spirit can show up to make a powerful positive impact in their life and the world at large. Join the conversation and log in to one of our biweekly online men’s empowerment gatherings.

This group is intended to support the growth, development, awakening, and integrity of men to become sovereign in their own power while simultaneously deeply connected to the natural forces of the planet. Men around the world are waking up to the realization that what we’ve learned it means to “be a man” comes from a place of disconnect, disempowerment, and fear. Men have been raised and imprinted with false identities and deep trauma in all sorts. To shed these old stories, and realize who we truly are… Divine beings here to uplift humanity and restore balance to the planet. This is where our true gifts await us.

If you are ready to understand who you are, this group can support your personal journey.

Join spiritual mentor, energy healer, intuitive and your guide on the Tree of Life, for this journey into the depths of your being. Your authentic life and the world await you…

About our Online Tree of Life Gatherings:
2nd & 4th Wednesday of Every Month 6-730ish PM PST – All gatherings done through the Facebook Group. You must join in facebook to access the group.

Our General Outline:
-Opening Introductions
-Opening Spiritual Invocation and Meditation
-Wisdom teachings from the Tree of Life
-Closing thoughts, questions, and blessing.

Tree of Life – Codes of Chivalry
Please follow these codes of Chivalry. Anyone in violation of these codes may be swiftly removed from the group.
-No hate, promotions, spam, profanity, racism, politics, conspiracies.
-RESPECT EVERY MEMBER as YOUR SOUL BROTHER. Although we all come from different backgrounds, experiences, ideologies, and understandings…at our core, we are ONE FAMILY, ONE TRIBE. The intention of this group is MORE SACRED CONNECTION.
-Please support others, post related wisdom, and questions that can benefit others.

All gatherings done through the Facebook Group. You must join in facebook to access the group.

This is not a religion, therapy, or training program. You are joining your own volition and take responsibility for your own actions, experiences, and participation. Aaron Michael Pyne is not a doctor and makes no medical claims. Nothing Aaron Michael Pyne or any agents/employees of Aaron Michael Pyne communicate should be construed as medical or psychological advice of any kind. Please see a health professional for all medical assessments and treatments.