*No previous meditation experience required*
~ Tired of the limitation game?
~ Done with life being lame?
~ Done with your system not feeling amazing?
~ Interested in accessing your real super magical, unique powers?
~ Ready for so much life force in your body that every one of your cells is experiencing a holy orgasm?
~Ready to simultaneously have the most fun you’ve ever had while creating waves of transformation all around you?
It’s time you reconnect with the sacred possibility of all that you are.
Freedom, union & truth is upon you….
In this unique guided ancient to futuristic multi-dimensional healing ceremony, Aaron will assist you in opening up to access your soul’s infinite capacity and bring it fully into your life. You will experience your own life force rise through you as the trillions of cells in your body dance it their raw vitality. Aaron will open a bridge to your higher velocity dimensional aspects for the coalescence of your consciousness. It’s time to integrate ALLLLLL that you are. This activation can release heaviness, pain, trauma, and other restrictions holding you back in your life.
This never before experienced MEGA UBER EPIC AUTHENTIC TRANSMISSION OF MORE MAGIC THAT YOUR HUMAN BRAIN CAN IMAGINE will leave you speechless, thus, potentially activating your Light Language.
**Warning & Disclaimer: Only attend if you are ready for a completely new experience of life. By registering for the event, you acknowledge that you accept full responsibility, sovereignty, and embodied mastery of your own experience in every way.
Aaron Michael Pyne is an experienced
∴Energy Healer
∴Spiritual Mentor
∴Business Intuitive
∴Ceremonies & Retreats
∴Artist & 🌲💗
He is a published writer & artist, spiritual mentor, ceremonialist, public speaker, energy healer, and nature enthusiast….more accurately, straight-up WIZARD
At the age of 17, Aaron was blessed with several multi-dimensional experiences that began his spiritual journey of awakening. For the last 20 years, Aaron has studied under many masters to refine his unique gifts, cultivate his resources, and broaden his ability to commune with higher realms of consciousness. As a conduit to many different realms and dimensions, Aaron is dedicated to supporting and guiding individuals to heal, transform, and expand. By implementing a well-rounded blend of holistic and mystical modalities, Aaron has helped change lives all over the world.
Access Exchange – $25 (USD)
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