One-On-One VIP Day Packages with Aaron

Join Aaron in the beautiful nature around Lake Arrowhead & Crestline (or other locations for additional travel costs) for a deeply immersive experience and life transformation! Access the power of Nature combined alongside with Aaron’s gifts for a life activation unlike anything else!

~How would you spend a day with a Multi-Dimensional Wizard?

Your time with Aaron will be customized specifically for your individual needs and intentions. Potential services being offered during our time together may include:

  • Energetic Vitalization/Energy healing for any ailments physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • Personal Mead Ceremony (More Info on Mead Ceremony)
  • Spiritual Teaching on a wide variety of topics such as consciousness, spirits, mysticism, mythological, integration, master levels of energy healing, channeling, intuitive activation, light language activation, sacred geometry, and much more.
  • Channeled/intuitive consulting & readings for clarity and direction in any area of life.
  • Business activation, consulting, and clarity.
  • Guided beautiful nature hikes and connecting to nature energy.
  • Soul & Light Language Activation


(Times are approx, and may vary depending on specific nature hikes)

  • ½ Day (3.5 hrs)  $800.00
  • 1 Day Intensive ( Morning 3.5hr session & Afternoon 3.5hr session)  $1500.00
  • 2 Day Intensive ( Morning 3.5hr session & Afternoon 3.5hr session) $3000.00


  • Suggested during the week, as there will be fewer people out in nature
  • For 2 Day’s / Overnights you will need to provide your own lodging. There are many wonderful AirBnb’s in the area.
  • Food will not be provided, but I can make suggestions.
  • Make sure to bring whatever gear, water, snacks you’ll need for being in nature.
  • We will discuss prior to the day your desires, intentions so I can map out a plan for our time together.
  • Please let Aaron know your capacity for hiking and he can plan the best routes for your particularly fitness and skill level. It can be very simple to more intensive.
  • Suggested to bring a journal to take notes.

Schedule Your Life Altering Activation with Aaron: 

619 500 8944

[email protected]