We all have people that come into our daily life that really challenge us. They may make us feel drained, feel bad, put us down, make us upset and much more. It may be family, a boss, a friend, etc. etc. This is a struggle that we all experience. Often times, it’s hard to make progress and effectively change the dynamics. Usually, there are consistent cycles and programs running that control the relationship. In some cases, you might have the ability to help change the behavior of the other person, but often their behavior is so ingrained in them that it is difficult to effect change.

Ultimately, the only one you can change is you. You are in control of your response and your engagement in the programs that are creating the entanglement with the other person. To effectively change the relationship, we have to begin by changing your core. By doing so, we begin to heal and shift the energy that we are projecting into the dynamics of what is happening. This allows ½ of the equation to resolve itself, which will often create the opportunity for the other person to resolve the other half of the equation or prompt them to leave you alone altogether!

There are many levels to this, so we’ll just start here with some basics you can begin to practice. Sit quietly in a peaceful place and allow yourself to breathe deeply and relax (doing some yoga or physical exercise prior can be helpful). Once relaxed, begin to visualize this person in your mind and the last difficult situation with them. Visualize the situation as vividly in your mind as the actual experience you went through. Like a replay. Then begin to scan your body, from your toes all the way up to your head and see if you can notice how your body is responding. Is there specific areas that are tense, congested, achy, etc.? Just observing, notice those spots if you can. Then drop that visual, and begin focusing on your heart. You can even place your hand there if you need to. Breathe. Then imagine energy and/or light from your heart expanding out through your body. Feel and visualize it as best as you can filling up those tight areas in your body. Bathing those spots in this energy/light. Do this for a few minutes. Then expand that light/energy out around your body. Then say internally to yourself as a command  “I release all outside energies in my space. I am clear of anything that is not mine. I am completely filled with my own energy, my spirit, my essence and no one else’s.” Repeat several times, feeling it move as strongly as you through your entire space.

You might practice this several times if possible to make it stronger before you see this challenging person again. Also, if possible, right before the next time you see them do this. Try to keep an awareness of this in the background as you do engage with them. This practice makes you stronger and not susceptible to their attempts to pull energy from you. You can quickly help the situation begin to resolve and move towards a more peaceful resolution. If the person or some other person arises that is challenging, observe it as an opportunity to strengthen your energy and light even more. It’s a continuous practice and exploration of healing and strengthens yourself to allow for a more harmonious flow between you and those around you. You’ll begin to shift the dynamics of how you engage with others, which will ultimately change your life, bringing more and more positive, loving, and uplifting people to you!  For further help with this, Aaron is available for phone sessions to help guide you through this process to integrate it deeply.