Tree of Life Meditation & Healing

How can ancient wisdom of the Trees & Tree of Life help us?

This article is inspired & provides additional support related to my TEDx talk “A Message from the Trees” that will be published Oct 2019!

Any experience within our life can be understood and supported through the Tree of Life framework. Taking time to begin understanding these ancient mythologies, stories, and our connection to trees can bring deep insights and unlock your innate capabilities. Trees are powerful symbolic reflections of our true nature, which we have become disconnected from. While there are many deep layers and wisdom contained in the Tree of Life, here I want to share some basics that anyone can get started with.

Every experience has three primary containers of energy tied to it. The roots represent the energy of the past, the branches are the energy of future possibilities,  and both of these energies are feeding into the trunk. The trunk represents what we are experiencing in the here and now. When we get stuck, need clarity, or need inspiration, we can turn to this map to assist us. This is a basic method to begin working with the Tree of Life when facing a situation you need support with (relationships, work, creative projects, health, etc.). 

Tree of Life Map Meditation

This practice can be 10 minutes – 30 minutes or as needed. Have a journal and pen ready.


  1. Sit in a relaxed position.
  2. Breathe deeply for several minutes.
  3. Begin to feel and visualize as clearly as you can all that has led up to this current experience. What events, what feelings, what steps, what characters, etc. all played a part in this. See it and feel all of the emotions tied to it as vividly as you can. Explore all of it with a bird’s eye view with the intention to observe for clarity. 
  4. When you feel complete, begin to feel and visualize how you would like the situation to unfold. Feel the feelings of it unfolding in the most wonderful, beautiful, exciting way as possible. You may not see or know how exactly it could work out, but trust the possibility and feel that experience as profoundly as you can for several minutes.
  5. Now come to the present. Feel your body right now. Notice your breath and your heart pulse. Just observe.
  6. Then allow your imagination to unfold and reveal to you what steps to take right now to begin creating the future reality experience you envisioned. Allow any possibility to reveal to you.
  7. Keep the intention and question as your primary focus; how can I make this beautiful reality unfold? Focus, listen, relax, and be open to anything that comes through. When complete, write it all down. The past, future, and present (each in their own section) in as much detail as you can.
  8. Repeat as needed, potentially daily. 

How to connect more deeply with Nature?

Nature is constantly communicating between the plants, animals, weather, micro and macroorganisms and so much more. Reconnecting with nature is vitally important to our health and fulfillment. One of the best ways to connect more deeply is to practice meditations in nature.  Nature is the ideal place to practice the Tree of Life Map Meditation and the meditation I present in my TEDx talk (and extend it out for 5 – 30 minutes). For more in-depth guided meditations, visit my YouTube channel.

Remember, nature is the caretaker of us all! Protect the forest, donate to tree charities, plant more trees and plants in your yard, and get involved in projects to save the previous wildlands we still have, use earth-friendly products, and switch to eating organic foods. By supporting nature, nature will support you. 

Reach out to me for questions and further support on integrating the Tree of Life wisdom for your health, life, and business. I offer individual sessions, classes, and retreats.