Creativity: The unending process that moves the universe into infinite possibilities. As a creative being, incarnated to create and uphold a meaningful presence on Earth, you serve as a bridge between dimensions of spirit and the physical world. In this role, you have the opportunity to ground and manifest energies in the form of ideas, inspirations, and dreams. Creativity, expression, and manifestation is the process that allows your divine purpose to come through, and by gaining a deeper understanding of how to receive divine inspirations, we can strengthen that incredible connection to our divine purpose.

The process of divine inspiration is somewhat akin to pouring water into a funnel and allowing it to come out the other side. Creativity comes from higher dimensional aspects of yourself, beyond the limitations of the mind’s normal patterning, entering your conscious mind when the time and corresponding energies are in the correct alignment.

Once inspiration arises within, you must take action to ground these creative energies and from there expand those potentials into the physical world.

By centering your focus into the power of the heart’s expansive energy and by creating a strategy with a clear vision, you can more effectively focus your energy on clear spiritual expression. Your actions become stronger, clearer, and more deeply aligned with the divine purpose of your creative inspirations. This process of mental purification expands awareness of fears, doubts, worries, and limitations, which can be very useful as a tool to gain greater power and courage to move forward in the creative process.

It is also important to remember not to analyze the external results by using the limited patterns of the mind: use the heart space to perceive the unfoldment of the process that allows you to discern your next creative step. Be very conscious of slipping into mental/emotional patterns of fear, doubt, sadness, or worry, understanding that these have the power to steer you off course. Use these patterns as guides to move you more deeply into the infinite intelligence of the heart. From there, you can allow energies to move more powerfully through you and from you, escaping the limitations of the mind.

By applying yourself in a focused and disciplined manner, you can begin to make powerful manifestations and creations in the world. As you begin to calm, balance, and transform all the systems of your being, you allow the many dimensions of yourself to come into a precise alignment and harmony, making inspiration and creative flow a natural process for you. Trusting that the resources and situations necessary to support your creative visions will come into play as needed as you surrender your control, is a dynamic balance of action, perception, masculine and feminine. This process serves as the final step of allowing your divine creativity to flow into this world.

When you are ready to enter into a creative space, try this practice: Get comfortable in a relaxed yet engaged position (sitting or standing). Find your breath and allow it to deepen and soften. Feel the expansion and contraction of your body with each breath. Begin to allow your body to relax. Focusing on one area of your body at a time, starting with your feet and working your way up, allowing each muscle to relax. Continue breathing. Once you have relaxed all the muscles up to your head, eyes, and jaw, drop your focus to the feet. Allow the feet to sink into the Earth. Feel the energy of your abdomen, your organs, your pelvis, and your legs dropping down into the Earth. Connecting. Grounding. Then begin to feel and intend the energy of the Earth to rise up into your body, as if your body was sucking and pulling it in. Allow it to ground you. Then come back to your mind. Feel all the energy of your mind, all the activity and perceptions. Allow it to gather and move it down with your intention to the heart. Let it sink, dropping down into the heart. From there, feel the energy of the heart expand out and around you. The heart’s field expands and contracts with each pulse. Engage and connected to the world around you. Then feel the sensations in your heart rise to your mind. Let the heart lead and guide the mental activity. Let the heart be the guide to your creativity.