What if nature was able to talk to you? It always has been talking to us, we just forgot how to listen. Ancient societies around the world knew this truth. All of the natural world is in deep communication all the time in many ways. Sound is just one of many forms of communication; science is learning the communications runs deeper through hormones, electromagnetic pulses, and other forms of communication. There is an interwoven natural internet between all of nature. Humanity has been pushed by industrialization and the ideology of religion to confine our spiritual connection within buildings. This has caused us to disconnect from the majestic, intelligent network that is all around us and has indeed produced the very world that sustains us. 

Of course, we are realizing now more than ever what this disconnection means for humanity and the world as we witness dramatic changes in the environment. Simultaneously, we are seeing dramatic increases in illness, violence, fear, and separation. All perpetuated by our disconnection from the natural forces that we were designed to be part of. 

Much like the complex system within our body, every organ holds a position and function within the whole natural system. If one component, such as the heart, begins to be extracted or disconnected from the system, the system will start to fail. Humanity is like that disconnected heart. The rest of the system fails without this critical part integrated, and the vital organ (heart or humanity) becomes weak since it is disconnected from its real environmental network. 

A majority of the problems humanity faces at a collective level, and individual level is a result of our disconnection from nature and thus distortion of our natural ways. Depression, anxiety, disassociation, violence, drugs, many illnesses, etc. extensively arise from our isolation from nature. This disconnect creates more feelings in the individual to more likely to feel hopeless, afraid, confused, and unstable mentally, emotionally, and physically. We are isolated into a false sense of self and fake lifestyle propagated by media. Because of this, we experience a degenerative cycle within all aspects of our being. 

While modern society has brought us many powerful gifts in all areas of life, it has simultaneously created equally powerful problems. It is my opinion we are moving into a time and desperate need to find a proper balance in all of this; An integrated way of being with all of it. How? Of course, it starts with you, then expands out just like a tree. Sprouting, taking root and expanded one’s fruits and gifts out into the world. 

Returning you to the wholeness, balance, joy, and deep connection, nature allows your whole being to receive the sustenance it’s ultimately been waiting for. Here are 12 simple ways to reconnect you through the layers of nature and return you back into it’s loving ways

  1. Spend more time in nature! The further out from the city, the better. The more vibrant the nature, the better (i.e., More trees, flowers, plants).
  2. Put your bare feet on the ground.
  3. Put your hands on a big old tree.
  4. Eat more fresh, organic, in-season foods. Reduce foods that have been processed and contain chemicals.
  5. Pay attention to the cycles of the moon.
  6. Bring more nature into your home, such as fresh air, plants, stones, branches, herbs, etc.
  7. Camp/sleep outside as often as you can.
  8. Garden.
  9. When you are out in nature and see trash, clean it up!  Take it with you. The entire planet is our home. This honors nature and honors yourself. 
  10. Nature meditations help you connect more deeply with the energetics and communications of nature. (For nature meditations and resources, visit my site and my YouTube channel.)
  11. Recycle, reduce waste, and reduce your use of energies, gas, etc. 
  12. Use more natural body care products and cleaning agents in your home.

As you begin to open the relationship you have with nature, more and more of your happiness, joy, potential, and energy can start to open. Continue to evolve and deepen this relationship. Please reach out to me if you need more in-depth support to remove the distortions, pain, and ailments of modern life and find your connection again to your natural state.

I also highly recommend you donate to plant more Trees!