If you’ve thought about taking action to redesign your life, it will be helpful for you to know that this journey will ask you to engage with the external world in interesting and challenging ways. You will face and overcome adversity and find inspiration in people, places, opportunities, situations, and even challenges. Your path will be directly affected by your internal state and position. So it is also important to acknowledge the importance of how your internal landscape will affect what unfolds externally. This realization is an integral part of the transformation process for everyone. Whatever you decide to call it, i.e., “The Secret,” the “Law of Manifestation,” “Cause and Effect,” etc…being aware and tuned into its potential will significantly boost your success.

As you come into the understanding that the energy you produce has the potential to affect your environment, you can learn how to take advantage of your impact better, and thus refine it.

In other words, your internal state is your primary driving force, and what is happens externally is as a result. Most of us tend to think the other way around. However, the law of attraction reminds us that “like attracts like,” meaning, for example, when we synchronize our thoughts with our desires, we tend to move closer to our desired outcome.

This synchronization, what might be called “flow state” or an “inspired state of being,” comes in handy! Through a variety of practices, you can put yourself into a state that allows you to be outside of your personal limitations or fears and instead taps into something greater. Whether you want to call it Divine inspiration, the subconscious, the quantum field, etc., it is undeniably a state of being that expands beyond normal consciousness.

As you begin to access this state, you begin to shift out of patterns of doubt and fear to access a deeper more inspired, more creative part of yourself which allows your external reality to begin its shift towards your internal state. This state is where the magic happens! This state is where synchronistic opportunities manifest greatly to aid you in your journey towards achieving your goals.

Accessing the flow state is an ongoing practice, but it is accessible via gratitude practices, meditation, yoga, creativity, and many other formats. As you practice, you will begin to understand what works for you and you can further optimize your self to increase how you access this.  If you find it challenging on your own, I offer individual sessions where I can help you clear your mind and energy fields to begin to access this flow state. Our goal is to continue to integrate this awareness through every part of our daily lives.