Upcoming Dates:

April 8th 6 – 7PM PST
9 – 10PM EST

Suggested preparation:

  • If you can be outside in nature and connect in via your phone & headphones, this is ideal. The further into nature the better (While still having internet access).
  • Be in a place where you won’t be disturbed (whether out in nature or inside)
  • Surround yourself with any sacred objects such as crystals, flowers, incense, uplifting art, essential oils, etc. Anything that connects you with nature and/or inspires you to your best!
  • Make sure to have some water nearby to drink and water nearby that acts as an “energetic cleaning” that might be in another cup or bowl.
  • Having the element of fire such as a candle or fireplace going is beneficial.
  • Turn off any unnecessary electronics & lights (of course keep on whatever you need to connect with the broadcast!)
  • Headphones are ideal for the sound.
  • Make sure you are comfortable as you may wish to lay down. Have pillows and blankets as needed.
  • Ideally, you can set the rest of your evening to be undisturbed were you can remain in as much solitude and quiet as possible.
Individual deeper sessions with Aaron are available as well for additional support through major release/shifts.


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